More ways to celebrate Alaska Book Week... With Nick Jans

Book Week isn't over in Fairbanks or across the state. There are still more ways to celebrate and more books to read and author's to discover.

In addition to the book signing with science fiction writer David Marusek, The Fairbanks Arts Association’s October literary reading features best-selling outdoors writer and photographer Nick Jans, reading from his book The Giant’s Hand: A Life in Arctic Alaska.

Here's a few words from a review of THE GIANT'S HAND:

Weaving tales of life-or-death adventure, everyday life, and personal experiences gleaned from over three decades of arctic experience, Jans creates vivid, poignant images of a and its people on the cusp of change. The Giant’s Hand is at the same time an inner exploration, brimming with moments of profound, often poetic insight.

Fairbanks Arts Association is the proud host of the oldest Literary Reading in Alaska. Readings are usually held in the Bear Gallery the first Saturday of the month.

October 7, 7pm at the Bear Gallery, Pioneer Park

Read more about Nick Janson his website at