The Bakery Men Don't See

I usually stick to posting information about Alaskan authors and writing events around the state, but there's often so much going on Outside that's fun and important and I have to share the news.

This note about THE BAKERY MEN DON'T SEE arrived in my email from science fiction writer Pat Murphy. Her second novel THE FALLING WOMAN won the Nebula in 1986 and she and Karen Joy Fowler started the annual James Tiptree Award for fantasy and science fiction writing that expands our understanding of gender.

The Bakery Men Don’t See, the only cookbook ever to be nominated for a Hugo Award, is back in print — in a beautiful new edition.

Created in 1992 by Diane Martin and Jeanne Gomoll, this book is a collection of fabulous recipes by science fiction writers and fans — but it’s much more than that. It offers valuable cooking tips, like “Never fry bacon with your shirt off.” It provides timely advice (from Nebula-award winning author Eileen Gunn) on how to adapt a fruit crisp recipe for varying political tastes — “Take into consideration any special-interest groups, such as 5-year-olds.…For assistance, consult your priest or shaman, or in an emergency, call 911.”

This cookbook is also a slice of science fiction history. It reprints my Guest of Honor speeches from the 1991 WisCon science fiction convention — in which Karen Joy Fowler and I announced the creation of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will support the Tiptree Award. You can get your copy right now by visiting the Tiptree store.   --Pat Murphy for the Tiptree Motherboard

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