Celebrate Alaska Book Week with UPON THIS ROCK, by David Marusek

If you're in Fairbanks this week, stop by the Bear Gallery on Friday and Celebrate Alaska Book Week! Bring a friend to the book signing by award-winning local author, David Marusek, for his newly released novel UPON THIS ROCK, an epic new science fiction series about faith, family, and alien invasion. Set in Alaska, of course.

Can't make the book signing? Pick up -- or order -- a copy at your local bookstore, get it on line or directly from the author, David Marusek.

UPON THIS ROCK takes us on a roller coaster of adventure in Alaska's wilderness.With a satirical look at culture clash, romance and alien encounters of a weird kind, it promises to be a great read, and delivers. Don't miss it.

Author David Marusek writes science fiction in Fairbanks, Alaska. His work has appeared in Playboy, Nature, MIT Technology Review, Asimov’s, and other periodicals and anthologies and has been translated into ten languages. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “Marusek’s writing is ferociously smart, simultaneously horrific and funny, as he forces readers to stretch their imaginations and sympathies.” His three novels and clutch of short stories have earned him numerous award nominations and have won the Theodore Sturgeon and Endeavour awards. “. . . Marusek could be the one sci-fi writer in a million with the potential to make an increasingly indifferent audience care about the genre again . . .”—New York Times Book Review. His recently released novel, Upon This Rock, is a tale of faith, family, and alien invasion in the Alaska bush.