Are you a fiction writer? Do you live in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest

Do you write science fiction or fantasy, space opera or steampunk and have a work in progress? Or maybe you’re finished and want to learn what a panel of experts thinks of your work?

Head to Seattle for the 42 Norwescon gathering and submit your first page for review.

Here’s what they write on the website:

FIRST PAGE IDOL: Feeling brave? Want to see how your work-in-progress holds up in a cold read? Send the first page of your manuscript to to have it anonymously read aloud and critiqued by a panel of pros on Saturday. Deadline for submissions 4/15/19.

Learn more about the full con at

There’s enough going on to almost—but not quite—make me wish I lived in Seattle instead of Interior Alaska. Or better still, wish I could pick up and travel when and how I wanted to attend their exciting film festivals, book clubs, discussion groups, readings, gatherings and (my other passion alongside writing) dance more Argentine tango. But that’s a column for another day.

I’ll be attending Norwescon with family, and while I don’t plan to submit a first page, it sounds worthwhile. Currently, I have beta readers going over a fantasy novel I’ll bring out later this year, and I’m at work on a sequel to another book. Fingers crossed that my travel plans don’t cut too deeply into writing time.

If you see me at Norwescon, take a moment and say “hi.”

Here’s my first page from THE POWER WE SHARE, but I may have cheated because I haven’t seen all their submission requirements and this is single spaced.

Send me a note on my contact page if you’d like to be put on a email list for information on its release.

Thank you,


page one THE POWER WE SHARE_Page_1.jpeg