Want to learn Norse Sword, Shield and Tactical Combat techniques?

Norwescon rocks! I've been watching the Vikings on the History Channel for all 5 seasons now, and I never thought I'd get to actually participate in a shield wall.

And you can too... It's never too soon to get ready for Norwescon 2019 when the team presents not only the Viking Shield Wall session, but also Roman Tactical Combat and Hands-on Renaissance Pike and Shot lessons, and more.

Here's the full description and this team delivers...

Participants-- yup, that was me and fellow SFWA member Terry Boren--  equipped with wooden swords, spears and (heavy) shields will learn and practice basic Norse weapon combat skills in a safe, controlled environment. What is it like standing in the shield wall? Instructors will provide training swords, shields, and spears to be used by participants. The audience will play an important roll in the experience (translated, that means they get to throw tennis balls at your shield wall, aka, hauling rocks to see if they can knock you out.



elyse with viking shields norwescon 2018.jpg
elyse with viking combat norwescon 2018.jpg