2019 Willa Award for Poetry, Linda Schandelmeier

Alaska author and UAF graduate Linda Schandelmeier has won the 2019 WILLA Literary Award for her book of poems “Coming Out of Nowhere,” published in 2018 by the University of Alaska Press.

Don’t miss the wonderful collection of poems by Fairbanks author Linda Schandelmeier. Pick up a copy, read it then read it again.

From University Alaska Fairbanks, news and information:

“Coming Out of Nowhere” is part poetic memoir and part historical document, set on a family homestead six miles south of Anchorage, where Schandelmeier grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. The sparsity of neighbors and roads, and the isolation imposed by family circumstances, made life solitary and sometimes lonely, but rooted in the natural world. The book tells the story of a resilient family surviving on moose meat, potatoes and whatever else they could gather. The poems in this collection suggest a level of human experience beyond the mundane, one in which trees and mountains are almost members of the family. Schandelmeier does not shy away from unpleasant details in her family history, but she also recognizes the experience as one which was nurturing and unique.