Putting in a plug for The Book Construction Handbook

If you've ever tried, or even thought about trying, to put together your own print book then here's a plug for one of the best "how-to" guides I've come across, and it's free.

Joel Friedlander's BOOK CONSTRUCTION BLUEPRINT has saved me more headaches than I can count. I've purchased his templates, taken his advice and read dozens of his articles-- many of which are included here -- on everything from using Word to clean up your files, to figuring out what the heck dpi means, and how to check that your images, margins, headings and fonts are all the right size.

If you're a writer first and the technical aspects of turning your manuscript into a printed book involve a steep and very crooked learning curve, then I encourage you to take a look at Friedlander's offer.

Here's the link and you can download the 200 + page pdf for FREE, print it or, if you don't want to think about using up all that expensive ink, buy it in paperback. You won't regret it.


Expert Advice for Creating Industry-Standard Print Books

Expert Advice for Creating Industry-Standard Print Books