Summer Light is now available at Barnes and Noble, Gulliver's Booktore & more...

So, this happened. I walked into my local Barnes and Noble and SUMMER LIGHT, the first volume of my Alaskan prehistory series is on the shelf in the Alaska section!

Turn about and SUNDER, ECLIPSE and SEED is in their science fiction/fantasy section.

Both books are also available at Gulliver's, our local independent bookstore, or through Amazon, or walk into most any bookstore and ask them to order it. Both books are revised from the original and while the process to publish them has taken more time than I care to think about, it's been worth the journey.

DAUGHTER OF THE SHAMAN, the sequel to SUMMER LIGHT will follow in a few months. It would be sooner, but my thoughts are filled with the finishing touches on my newest book- the POWER WE SHARE. I've been incorporating suggestions from a very helpful agent, and with an alternate earth filled with witches and pirates, spells and sea chanteys, what could go wrong?

And thank you to Gulliver's and Barnes and Noble and Mosquito Books in Anchorage for carrying my titles.


Summer Light on Barnes and Noble shelf.jpg
Sunder on Barnes and Noble shelf.jpg