Worldbuilding Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers

Worldbuilding for Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors with David Marusek is part of the Fairbanks Arts Association Writers in the Dark Series. Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12, at the Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park.

It's 20 above right now, not the 20 below I remember from previous Halloweens and Thanksgivings (we'll see what the weather gods have in store for us in another two weeks) but the days are short and we are marching toward solstice. It's the perfect time to share a weekend with fellow writers and award winning author David Marusek.

I've written in this blog about Marusek before, and he really is one of Alaska's most highly regarded speculative fiction writers. You can visit his website and learn more about his books at You can read his books -- his newest is UPON THIS ROCK, or try COUNTING HEADS, or you can come to the workshop and pick his brain, learn a little about how he does what he does, and pick up a few tips and hone your craft.

For a full description of the workshop go to:

Here's what it will cover:

"In this twelve-hour (two-day) workshop, award-winning science fiction writer, David Marusek, author of Counting Heads and “The Wedding Album,” will explore the issues and techniques of worldbuilding for science fiction and fantasy short stories, novels, and screenplays. Both beginning and experienced writers are encouraged to attend. The workshop sessions will include lecture, discussion, worldbuilding exercises, individual writing time, sharing our work, and the opportunity for a one-on-one consulting session with Mr. Marusek."

I highly recommend you check it out.