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It’s high summer in Fairbanks, Alaska and the temperature will hit 90 degrees today. There’s one thing about life in Alaska I’ll guarantee and that’s that the world, the climate, the weather, the gods— call it what you like— gets to call the shots. We don’t.

Right now, the plume from the Shovel Creek fire, ten miles away, is throwing ash over the house and car and garden. There’s 300 firefighters out there and their supply camp is set up at the front of my driveway. A few cabins and dog kennels nearer the fire have been put on Level 2 evacuation alert— get ready to leave—but while we will park our four wheeler at a friend’s house further away, and I know where the important papers are, I’m not packing up. Not until they tell me.

Shovel Creek Fire, Fairbanks Alaska

Shovel Creek Fire, Fairbanks Alaska

Update… There’s a few subdivisions, about ten miles down the road that are now on evacuation notice.

But whatever else is going out there, I am celebrating the arrival of my full line of back-list novels. Sunder, Eclipse and Seed (fantasy), Summer Light, and Daughter of the Shaman (prehistories) are now available in paperback and eBooks, in book stores or on line. And I’m looking forward to bring out my newest novel, THE POWER WE SHARE. It's filled with pirates and witches, battles at sea and magic... for a price.

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Shortlisted for the prestigious Crawford Award for BEST FIRST FANTASY novel by the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS, Guttenberg’s high fantasy novel of myth and magic, gods and desire pulls the reader to the edge of nightmare.

Spirit Singer and Shaman. A novel of life in Ancient Alaska, Book One.

Elik was not like the others.  She could not sew a sealskin with the tiny stitches that would make a kayak watertight in winter storms.  She could not set a trap as silently as drifting snow.  Or throw the weighted strands of a bola into a flock of birds, or predict the weather.

But this she could do:  She could sing the spirit songs, almost like a shaman.




The journey continues. A novel of life in Ancient Alaska, Book Two.

Elik’s quest to become a shaman continues  as  she joins  her  husband in his search for revenge against the man that murdered his father.
Traded.  Separated.  Alone.  Elik finds herself caught between vengeance and unimagined love,  in a new land  where starvation must be met with courage and hope can be found only with the magic of the Shaman Song coiled inside her.