Shortlisted for the prestigious Crawford Award for BEST FIRST FANTASY novel by the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS, Elyse Guttenberg’s high fantasy novel of myth and magic, gods and desire pulls the reader to the edge of nightmare.

Born of the gods, she is the Waking Dreamer. World Walker.

When Calyx's father banishes her to the dream temple at Aster, it’s an answer to her prayers for now she will be trained to watch and speak the dreams of others. But learning the ways of a jarak dreamer is more difficult than she imagined and the world is changing. Time is short.

People everywhere are having the same shared dream and the north is growing colder. While priests scheme and a jealous queen stands in her way Edishu, the gods own nightmare, longs to escape his prison and conquer Calyx through her dreams.

Now one woman stands alone to protect her people from the living death of a dread rule.

“Brilliant and original… Guttenberg has created a mythos that seems entirely original... Rich, vital and believable. I strongly recommend you seek it out”                                                                  Aboriginal Science Fiction

A world rich with poetry, resonant myth, and sensuously drawn characters... Delightful... A treat.”     Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, author of THE HEALER'S WAR

“With beautiful images of the gods, their portals and far lands… Guttenberg weaves an intriguing story around a surprisingly strong framework of dreams.”                                                              Locus Magazine

Available in paperback and as eBooks.

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Spirit Singer and Shaman. A novel of life in Ancient Alaska, Book One.

From award winning author Elyse Guttenberg comes SUMMER LIGHT a prehistory alive with the magic that was abundant when time was new.

Called by the spirits, Elik longs to be a shaman. But the Real People live in a world of danger and cruelty and the path was never meant to be easy.

 Desired by a powerful shaman and in love with a stranger cast out of his home, Elik must fight for a way to save her people and find her destiny.

"Anyone interested in Alaska's Natives will find much to like in this book, and anyone interested in good, factually correct fiction will find it irrisible."                                                                                   -- Alaska Magazine

Available in paper back and as eBooks.

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The journey continues.  A Novel of Life in Ancient Alaska, Book Two.

Set in the far north along Alaska's coast, DAUGHTER OF THE SHAMAN is the second book in Guttenberg's Ancient Alaska series.

Elik’s quest to become a shaman continues  as  she joins  her  husband in his search for revenge against the man that murdered his father.

Traded.  Separated.  Alone.  Elik finds herself caught between vengeance and unimagined love;  in a new land  where starvation must be met with courage and hope can be found only with the magic of the Shaman Song coiled inside her.

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